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Resource Efficiency and Sustainability


UntitledTo do this we have developed a radically new approach aimed at ensuring real resource efficiency, energy savings and financial paybacks through improved performance in the energy/energy efficiency performance contracting.

Based upon a thorough and robust understanding of sustainability, utilizing academic and professional engineering design services, economic and financial modelling, project design, finance raising and investment, project management, insurance and warrantying we deliver projects – with our partners – aimed at a comprehensive approach to resource sustainability.



Sustainability delivered through:

  • Resource and Energy Efficiency
  • Commercial returns to all participants
  • Protection of the Environment and emissions reductions
  • Social and intergenerational equity

UntitledWe work with our partners to design and deliver sustainable projects which provide a five point 5E bottom line set of deliverable outcomes:

  • Economically productive, sustainable and viable projects
  • Resource and energy efficiency solutions, projects and measures aimed at improving buildings, process and energy efficiency and so reducing energy costs, environmental impact and resource depletion and providing enhanced energy security
  • Low and zero carbon energy projects for the benefit of energy security and independence, local air quality and global environmental protection
  • Protection for the environment and local air and water quality, emissions reductions and climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Socially valuable projects which promote broad equity participation and community benefit and which deal with the intergenerational economics of climate change in a robust and practical way.

We utilize a thoroughgoing engineering and economic analysis of all projects to ensure these 5E delivery objectives are met.

Physical precision and clear identification of any sustainability impact in terms its resource efficiency are a main benefit of this thermodynamics approach. Its simplicity allows best possible information, because of the simplicity of the information content, about quality of processes – and hence of policies – and thus provides a valuable tool for investment appraisal, decision making and investment management starting at the very early stage of any project and continuing as a monitoring process during the life of the project.