Resource Efficiency







There are multiple benefits to the Reversible Entropy approach:

  • Reversible processes produce no irreversible entropy and so they can be easily used as a clearly defined scientific scale for sustainable development
  • This can then be used in pursuit of resource efficiency
  • The comparison of the reversible model with any intended technical solution which is being evaluated gives a clear and unequivocal indication allowing us to identify the best possible real solution
  • This process, also fills the technical gap between the actual technical solution and the ideal reversible process
  • This in turn therefore provides the basis for identifying and establishing the research needs to improve the sustainability of systems
  • This applies both to the technological, and economic sustainability of systems
  • A further important benefit for those engaged in sustainability research or charged with its delivery, is that the reversible structure model allows easy and clear identification of the irreversible entropy production of human activities as a measure of our sustainability objective and provides us with a simple tool to identify the best case solution under any given set of economic cost or return constraints.