Affordable Housing

In search of solutions for energy efficient affordable zero-carbon new Homes?

We offer independent solutions for both:

  • Developers and builders
  • Self-build/group self-build/custom build/contract build options
This covers all stages of the delivery process:

from sourcing of sites, site suitability assessment, project masterplan design, financial modelling, zero-carbon design, contract construction, supply of renewable energy to ownership structures for new homeowners:

Energy Efficient Affordable New Housing

We work for and with our partners to deliver their housing projects and provide independent advice on:
  • Most sustainable and affordable zero-carbon design
  • Choice of renewable energy installations and installers
  • Choice of builders and contractors
  • Funding options
  • Project build management
  • Warrantying and insurance
  • Purchasing options
  • Ownership options
  • Best delivery value

to ensure that they get the best terms available from the range of market providers for:

  • Self-build/group self-build/custom build/contract build options
  • Individual house designs
  • Zero carbon energy efficient fabric/envelope design
  • Overall project sustainability
  • Building mounted renewables
  • On-site renewables
  • Supply of off-site renewable electricity
  • House energy management systems
  • Low/zero energy affordability
  • Affordable ownership structures
  • Special scheme for first time buyers
  • Schemes for existing homeowners
  • Affordable and shared equity/shared ownership schemes