Resource Efficiency


It is far easier and cheaper to save a kW of energy than to produce one. As a result we find that more and more companies are looking to reduce their energy consumption.

Whilst renewable energy projects have been fairly readily fundable, funding for energy efficiency projects has been slower and more difficult.  We have therefore developed a unique approach to funding such resource and energy efficiency projects to meet the increasing demand.

Concerned about the following:
  • Poor levels of energy and resource efficiency
  • Costs of inefficient energy use
  • Impact on competitiveness
  • Energy price inflation
  • Impacts on the environment of excessive energy use due to poor efficiency
  • Carbon emissions obligations
  • Sustainability of the way we use resources and energy
GeoCapita with and through our partners – energy consumers, energy providers and energy efficiency contractors – works to deliver both energy efficiency projects and energy efficiency improvements. We provide independent advice on:
  • What projects and measures to undertake
  • Best value
  • Most suitable contractors and installers
  • Funding options for measures and projects
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Energy savings warrantying and insurance
to ensure that they get the best terms and delivery available from the range of market providers for:

  • Energy savings opportunities audits
  • Independent advice on best value contractors
  • Advice on improved engineering process systems to reduce energy losses
  • Energy monitoring systems
  • Energy switching (to reduce costs or carbon emissions)
  • Energy efficient retrofit of buildings
  • Newbuild zero carbon housing projects
  • Demand management systems
  • Mini-grid systems/hybrid grids
  • Grid integration
  • Fuel cell storage
  • Energy savings finance
  • Energy savings warranties