Environmental Markets

You may be aware of environmental or climate finance and carbon markets and be considering how to:

  • Secure better prices for your carbon emissions reductions
  • Invest into carbon reduction projects
  • Participate in carbon market trading
  • Engage in carbon offsetting
  • Carry out carbon reporting
  • Meet you carbon emissions obligations
  • Raise finance for carbon reduction projects
  • Market you own carbon abatement
  • Participate in voluntary carbon markets
We work together with our professional and highly experienced partners in carbon and other emissions markets and climate finance to provide independent advice in:
  • Origination
  • Validation
  • Participation in markets
  • Trading
  • Carbon and climate finance
in order to provide our partners with top level independent advice and execution of projects including:

  • What projects and measures to undertake
  • How to participate in carbon markets
  • Compliance and voluntary markets
  • Carbon market trading
  • Development of other markets such as biomethane
  • Voluntary markets trading
  • Carbon offsetting
  • Funding projects through carbon finance