Delivery Partnerships

GeoCapita works through delivery partnerships with like-minded parties to together develop sustainable projects.

This includes Housing Developers, Renewable Energy Developers, Community Groups, professional firms, utilities, Universities, Research Institutions, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, farmers and landowners, SMEs and third sector organizations.



GeoCapita provides a range of partnership services to assist our different partners with different requirements:

  • Scientific services in resource efficiency and sustainability
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy programme delivery strategy
  • Assistance on development of sustainability policy and performance evaluation
  • Emissions reductions strategy and project implementation
  • Project structuring
  • SPV set up and management
  • Financial modelling
  • Project finance
  • Warrantying and insurance arrangements
  • Community engagement

We work with our partners using our 5 dedicated in house tools to deliver Sustainable Projects for Mutual Benefit:

  • 5E – Economics, Efficiency, Energy,  Environment and Equity – the five point bottom line delivery basis of Sustainability Standards for project delivery
  • REEF – Resource and Energy – our embedded approach to Sustainability and Resource Efficiency
  • ReEnt – Reversible Entropy – using this robust science based approach to energy, energy efficiency and resources to aim for the delivery of sustainable projects
  • PPC – Public Private and Community – unique structured finance co-investment method of funding sustainable infrastructure projects involving all stakeholders participating and benefiting
  • SAT – Sustainability Assessment Tool – a detailed and sophisticated modelling approach to project assessment and structuring involving assessing real 5E delivery, and with especial emphasis on stochastic risk assessment and dynamic real options analysis of project delivery